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Streamline and simplify daily planning, lifestyle curation, and fulfilling your goals and needs, using seamlessly intergrated productivity tools, learning materials, visual content, apps, income generation, and e-commerce solutions, all in one platform.

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Seamless Lifestyle Management

Productivity Integration

Access many productivity apps for time management, knowledge management, money management, and more.
Organize your life around fulfilling important goals, with projects, learning materials, productivity frameworks, and a wealth of knowledge from thousands of experts with project templates including tutorials, recipes, manuals, process flow guides, and other practical educational resources.
Guidance and support from our artificial intelligence powered lifestyle assistant, Maslow, ensures an easy and structured workflow with minimal disruption to your life.

E-commerce Intergration

Discover and enjoy access to products and services from merchants on Sentiments, Amazon, Shopify, and more, whose values align with your chosen lifestyle, goals, and daily needs.
You'll get great selection and recommendations personalized by Maslow to fit your unique lifestyle requirements.
Purchases can be made directly from your daily schedule to ensure that you get your products at the appropriate times, and taking advantage of time bound discounts and offers.

Social Intergration

Beyond simple social media, social features empower effective relationship management, and collaboration.
Various tools enable you to discover like minded people, organize your relationships according to different categories (family, close friends, acquiantances, colleagues, and online friends) , share content, gifts, and invitations to events, as well as collaborating on shared goals and projects.


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Set up some basic account information through our onboarding process. Maslow will create a personalised schedule for you, built around the information that your provide. You may then modify and refine your profile information for more accurate schedules every day thereafter.


Create profile and configure account

Personalize your profile, and perform your first lifestyle audit to start working towards your goals by leveraging project templates that will guide you on getting specific tasks done. Maslow will recommend various resources, products, and services, in line with your goals, and various other interests. Every day will be different from the one before, and better!


Enjoy efficiency and effective living

Whatever your goals are, it will be hard not to be productive, and you'll find it difficult to fail to fulfill your needs and goals when you have every resource at your disposal in one neat interface. You'll always have something fun to watch, someone interesting to talk to, many ways to earn some extra income, and tonnes of resources to reach your goals and fulfill your daily needs.


Lifestyle Audit

Perform regular lifestyle audits to determine how fulfilling and optimized different aspects of your life are. This is a simple and easy way to identify areas where you can make improvements, gain inspiration to set goals, create projects to elevate your skills, acquire new knowledge and assets, and make your life experience significantly better.

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Project Templates (Tutorials, Manuals, etc)

These are practical learning resources and guides. By simplifying complex tasks into manageable steps, our templates empower users to efficiently organize their lives, optimize their skills, and achieve their goals. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, these templates offer universal value, providing a framework for self-discovery and the realization of personal aspirations.

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Maslow AI

Your personalized AI Lifestyle Assistant. Streamlining your day with ease, Maslow anticipates your needs, from scheduling and fitness recommendations to personalized entertainment options. This sleek companion adapts to your evolving preferences, ensuring every interaction is uniquely tailored.

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Pay Per Reaction

Earn cash for reactions that you receive on your posts between friends and the wider community. Other Users reward you for creating content that resonates with them. You can withdraw your earnings, purchase virtual coins to buy products, gifts, and make donations to various causes.

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Request and Match

Curate your content viewing experience by telling creators what you want to see. You become the producer of your own content, taking back control from algorithms.

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Connect As

Categorize your connections based on your real life relationship with them. You can create different groups for family, close friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or online friends. You can customize your privacy settings and content preferences for each group. Connect As lets you share different aspects of your life with different people, without compromising your privacy or relevance.

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E-commerce Product Discovery

We employ advanced AI algorithms that learn and adapt to your preferences over time. This ensures that every product recommendation is finely tuned to match your individual style, preferences, and needs, and enables you to discover a curated selection of products that align with your specific tastes. You can discover products from merchants on Sentiments, Amazon, Shopify, and other stores, whose values align with your own.

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Other Apps

In addition to our default apps and features, you can acess various micro-apps to help you perform other tasks such as planning your outfits, meals, events, and more. We launch new micro-apps regularly ensuring that you can always get a better experience at curating and organizing your lifestyle on Sentiments.

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What Our Users Are Saying

Greater content control

Request and Match puts me in control of my content. No more algorithm guessing. Love it

Image Mikaila Brewster, — App User

A Lifelong Companion

The lifestyle audits and project templates have brought a refreshing structure to my daily routine. The premium features, like advanced analytics, elevate my experience. Excited to see Sentiments grow further and introduce more templates—I'm hooked on the journey towards a more fulfilling life!

Image Johan Smith, — App User

Turn Passion into Cash!

Being a content creator on Sentiments feels like discovering a hidden gem. The project templates make showcasing my passion a breeze, and the pay per reaction feature has turned my creativity into cash. The community is supportive, making it an ideal space for creators. Looking forward to more opportunities and collaborations— I can't wait to see Sentiments evolve and empower more creators like me!

Image Grace Thunberg, — App User

Mobile app coming soon..