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Discover and enjoy captivating African content on Sentiments, where your creativity and engagement are rewarded. Join a vibrant community, share your stories, and earn cash for every reaction you receive. Together, we build better communities and celebrate the richness of African creativity.

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Say Hello To African Excellence

Explore Exclusive Localised Content

Discover and enjoy unique content tailored to African experiences and stories.

Everyone Can Earn Cash

Earn money for every reaction your posts receive, turning your creativity into cash.

Make Friends From Across Africa

Connect with people from all over the continent, fostering friendships and community.



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Earn While You Watch

ITS WATCH TIME! Discover the ultimate way to enjoy amazing video content and earn rewards with Watch Time Rewards! Immerse yourself in a diverse range of captivating videos, from the latest premieres to trending content, all while getting paid for your time. For every two minutes you spend watching, you'll earn real rewards, making your viewing experience not just entertaining but also rewarding. Join us now and turn your screen time into earnings effortlessly!

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Get Paid Per Reaction

Earn cash for reactions that you receive on your posts between friends and the wider community, and by creating templates. Other Users reward you for creating content that resonates with them. You can withdraw your earnings, purchase virtual coins to buy products, gifts, and make donations to various causes.

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Social Networking

Categorize your connections based on your real life relationship with them. You can create different groups for family, close friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or online friends. You can customize your privacy settings and content preferences for each group. Connect As lets you share different aspects of your life with different people, without compromising your privacy or relevance.

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Product Discovery

We employ advanced AI algorithms that learn and adapt to your preferences over time. This ensures that every product recommendation is finely tuned to match your individual style, preferences, and needs, and enables you to discover a curated selection of products that align with your specific tastes. You can discover products from merchants on Sentiments, Amazon, Shopify, and other stores, whose values align with your own.

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What Our Users Are Saying

Essential productivity apps

I didn't realise this before, but I only need a few apps to manage my productivity. I used to waste a lot of time trying to find the right blend of apps to manage my time, knowledge, and projects, but now I get all of that on Sentiments.

Image Mikaila Brewster, — App User

A Lifelong Companion

The lifestyle audits and project templates have brought a refreshing structure to my daily routine. The premium features, like advanced analytics, elevate my experience. Excited to see Sentiments grow further and introduce more templates—I'm hooked on the journey towards a more fulfilling life!

Image Johan Smith, — App User

Turn Passion into Cash!

Being a content creator on Sentiments feels like discovering a hidden gem. The project templates make showcasing my passion a breeze, and the pay per reaction feature has turned my creativity into cash. The community is supportive, making it an ideal space for creators. Looking forward to more opportunities and collaborations— I can't wait to see Sentiments evolve and empower more creators like me!

Image Grace Thunberg, — App User

Mobile app coming soon..